I’m fascinated by people that do not live in the norm. I suppose it may be the norm to them, so I will rephrase that, who don’t live in my norm. On certain Friday’s I have a free morning to be able to work out, eat breakfast, take a later train to my office. When I travel later in the day, the trains are still full of people and it makes me want to interview everyone. Where are they going? Why are you on a train at 9AM instead of the rush hour commute, like I am in everyday? What type of job would one have that provides this type of freedom?

Each time I leave the industry I’m in (Dental Office Manager), I find I have to go back to it because the salary and benefits are always substantial. If I leave and choose more freedom, that goes away, and I cant support my family. Everyone is a slave to time in one way or another. Either trying to get to work on time, or a doctors appointment, meeting a friend or parent, class schedules at school, a flight schedule, train schedule, everything is structured around TIME.

I find this exhausting, what if there wasn’t time? Could we still co-exist? Get up when your body feels it has rested long enough, do the things you need to do in the morning, exercise, eat, get your child off to school, go to work, and leave when you feel you have done enough work for the day. Never looking at a clock.

How would this effect the world? Maybe our health would improve, less stress on the body, less rushing around, perhaps our bodies would become calm and relaxed. Like it’s a weekend and there’s nothing on the calendar to do. Imagine feeling that way everyday. Would our work ethic improve? We might take more pride in what we do, by removing the stress that is linked to time, clocking in, clocking out, lunch hours, sick days, paid time off, vacation days. All that would be gone; we simply work when we need to which for most of us 4 – 5 days a week. Our system could be a schedule but not according to a clock.

The earliest method of telling the time of day was the sundial. It is not known when it was first invented but we do know that is was used in ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq. We had the hourglass in the 8th century AD, this is one of my favorites and I wish we could still use it. It only measured the passage of time, allotting for a time frame perhaps but not exact on the dot minutes that we all currently live by now. We can thank the pendulum clock for that!

As our modern world progresses we of course will always have time. We will always either race against it, or wish it could come sooner when we are in a boring situation. However, I still feel we could create a community where it isn’t the focal point of our lives, this can be done if we have enough like – minded people wanting the same thing.

I will forever be hopeful in my search for a calm and relaxed lifestyle. I know that my job will change in the future where I will have the liberty to choose an industry or self employed profession that adds life to me rather then always taking it away from me; and that has to be enough for now.

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