Grain of Sand

The procedure went very well, the implant was placed under the nerve sheath in the sacral lumbar spine region. The neurosurgeon made a small incision through the membrane and carefully, precisely placed it over the schwannoma tumor that had been growing for the last year, slowly blocking off the patients spinal fluid.

The surgeons team worked in perfect unison from hundreds of successful surgeries performed over the years together.

The surgeon stitched the tiny membrane over the implant and skillfully tied the knot. Her assistant snapped the last dissolvable stitch and the surgery was complete.

The surgeon raised her eyes slowly up to the monitor, the implant registered with a slow blinking light over the tumor. The light turned green, then blue, it was a success!

The implant no larger then a grain of sand would shrink the tumor until it safely disintegrated allowing the patient to walk again.

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